WYO Timing Services

Jaguar Chip Timing Technology

      • Cutting Edge RFID Bib Chip Timing Technology
      • Disposable, low cost chip options
      • Timing for running, cycling, triathlons, skiing, mud runs, time trials, series events, charity events, etc.
      • Timing of events of up to 5,000 participants
      • Extremely accurate results
      • Durable in any type of weather
      • Start and finish trussing structures, finish chutes, and professional results setup
      • Large flat screen displays with real-time scrolling results
      • SMS cellphone updates in real time
      • Live web results posted to Its Your Race 
      • Announcer displays in real time
      • Real time reports at any time during a race
      • Race Directing
      • Management of on-line registration and race day registration directly integrated into the race timing software
      • Ability to time multiple split points
      • Participant photos via Snap Shot as they cross the finish line
      • Ability to virtually track runners' progress on the course



    WYO Timing offers professional race timing using cutting edge technology from our state of the art Jaguar Chip Timing System. When it comes to events, we know just how important accurate timing is. We offer easy to use on-line registration and modern, searchable on-line results to your participants. Most importantly, we strive to provide race organizers with the highest level of customer service. We take pride in assuring you that your events timing and results will be handled professionally, and accurately.
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Local Race Calendar